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I recently switched career and I had to decide between staying an employee or going freelance.

The decision was not easy, but it was liberating!

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🔐 The security

When I did my professional retraining, I think I will be better a salaried employee in a tech company.

That’s what I had done since I started working.

That represents for me: security, facility, support…

I searched and tried for several months.

I passed some technical tests, some interviews…

But nothing.

My profile didn’t match what companies searched.

And deep inside me, something told me I had to do something else…

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🤔 The questioning

After trying to find a secure job, I passed a period of questions about my future career.

I didn’t know if I really want to find a salaried job…

And at this moment, I received a salaried job proposition, but I felt bad thinking about that…

My feeling was that I was just lazy, not courageous enough to begin a new job…

It was very complicated to understand that feeling: I wanted to work, but I didn’t want that job…

After working with a friend of mine, I understood: In fact, I wanted to be an independent developer.

I needed to try this journey and create my dream job!

It became obvious!

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🗽 The decision

This day, I declined the proposal.

That was the best day of a very long period!

I understand what I really wanted: I wanted to work with people but not for people.

This day was the first day of this big choice.

Many of the developers I’ve spoken told me that I should find salaried employment first, for 2 or 3 years, because it’s simpler because I will be supported by seniors.

Each of them has his opinion and gave it to me.
These opinions stressed me, but finally, they encouraged me to continue even if it was more difficult.

I didn’t choose simplicity.

I made a life choice.

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👩🏻‍🏫 What I’ve learned

Only the future will tell me if I was right.

But the only thing I want to tell you is to listen to your needs.

What do you really want, deep inside you?

Follow your dreams.

Believe in your capacities.

💕 What’s YOUR dream?

What does your heart tell you?

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