My first dev job was for a surgeon!

At the beginning of 2023, this was my first customer, he knew that it was my first project as a developer. STEP 1 Project description: “” Creating an application allowing surgeons to automatically generate their surgery reports, with chatGPT help. I love this idea! It meets a real need, to not lose time on administrative tasks It’ll allow them to spend more time to take care of t... »

Top Trends in AI Development 🚀

As we step into a new era of innovation, AI continues to amaze us with its rapid advancements and real-world applications. 🚀 Let’s embark on a journey to explore the top trends in AI development that are shaping our future! 1. AI in Healthcare 💉🏥 With each passing day, AI is transforming the healthcare industry, improving patient outcomes, and streamlining processes.From accurate disease dia... »

LLMs for Schema Augmentation

I have recently been experimenting with the use of large language models (LLMs) to augment JSON Schemas with useful features. While ChatGPT gets most of the press, there are many other LLMs that are specifically designed to work with code. The idea is that these LLMs can be used to augment incomplete schemas with additional useful information. Consider an example schema such as the one below. This... »

Building a ChatGPT custom plugin for API Gateway

ChatGPT Plugins serve as bridges linking ChatGPT to external APIs to use these APIs’ data intelligently. These plugins let ChatGPT undertake a range of tasks, such as retrieving up-to-date information from other APIs including sports results, stock market data, or breaking news, and assisting users in performing actions like flight booking or food ordering. Meanwhile, API Gateway is a powerful too... »