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Five things about public speaking

Five things about public speaking

As part of the WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2023, we did a quick session on starting out as a public speaker. To this end, I was asked to do a “Five things about public speaking” video. Here is the video and a write-up about the tips. In the world of public speaking, engaging, informing, and delighting an audience is both an art and a science. If you’re a novice speaker ready t... »

Danni, Johny and the Java Feature Flag Problem

What is Feature Toggle Imagine you are building a new feature for your Java application. You want to test the feature with a small group of users before you roll it out to everyone. You could do this by creating two versions of your application, one with the new feature enabled and one with the new feature disabled. But this would require you to deploy two different versions of your application to... »

Creating a YouTube Tags Generator Website: The Making of ResearchedTags

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a YouTube Tags Generator Website: The Making of ResearchedTags See Demo :- Introduction: YouTube tags are essential for enhancing the discoverability of your videos and reaching a broader audience. Having relevant and effective tags can significantly impact the visibility of your cont... »

The Uncreative Software Engineer’s Compendium to Testing

Testing is an integral part of software engineering, specifically for all the stakeholders involved. The users get to enjoy software that is user-friendly and satisfies their needs, while the engineers enjoy building software that is error- and bug-free. Benefits of Testing Bug detection and prevention: developers can identify bugs, errors, and defects in the software during development and get th... »

Create an URL Shortener Using Rebrandly API and LocalStorage

URL shorteners are handy tools that allow you to condense long and complex URLs into shorter, more user-friendly versions. In this step-by-step guide, we will show you how to build your own URL shortener using Rebrandly API for shortening URLs, LocalStorage to store and display the links, Bootstrap for styling, and jQuery for handling form submissions and AJAX requests. This SEO-friendly URL short... »

Working with people > Working for people

                                          I recently switched career and I had to decide between staying an employee or going freelance. The decision was not easy, but it was liberating! 🔐 The security When I did my professional retraining, I think I will be better a salaried employee in a tech company. That’s what I had done since I started working. That represents for me: security, facilit... »

My first dev job was for a surgeon!

At the beginning of 2023, this was my first customer, he knew that it was my first project as a developer. STEP 1 Project description: “” Creating an application allowing surgeons to automatically generate their surgery reports, with chatGPT help. I love this idea! It meets a real need, to not lose time on administrative tasks It’ll allow them to spend more time to take care of t... »

Top Trends in AI Development 🚀

As we step into a new era of innovation, AI continues to amaze us with its rapid advancements and real-world applications. 🚀 Let’s embark on a journey to explore the top trends in AI development that are shaping our future! 1. AI in Healthcare 💉🏥 With each passing day, AI is transforming the healthcare industry, improving patient outcomes, and streamlining processes.From accurate disease dia... »

Build a simple scraper with Ruby

Web scraping can often seem like a daunting task, especially when dealing with complex websites with many different elements. However, using Ruby and the Nokogiri gem, we can simplify this task and scrape websites more effectively. In this post, I will illustrate how to scrape Wikipedia to fetch specific elements from a webpage. Please remember that web scraping should always be done responsibly, ... »

Assertions: How to Assert Conditions and Types

The asserts statement was introduced in TypeScript 3.7. It’s a special type of function signature that tells the TypeScript compiler that a particular condition is true from that point on. Essentially, assertions serve as macros for if-then-error statements, allowing us to encapsulate precondition checks at the beginning of function blocks, enhancing the predictability and stability of our c... »