AI Tooling For Your Dev Team: To Adopt or Not to Adopt?

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Amid the escalating buzz surrounding AI tools, many development teams grapple with deciding which ones suit their needs best, when to adopt them, and the potential risks of not doing so. As AI continues to pose more questions than answers, the fear of falling behind the competition lurks for many.

This week’s episode of Dev Interrupted aims to dispel these uncertainties by welcoming CodiumAI’s founder & CEO, Itamar Friedman. In one of our most illuminating discussions this year, Itamar pierces through the AI hype, explaining what AI tools bring to the table, how to discern the ones that would truly augment your dev teams, and the strategies to efficiently identify and experiment with new tools.

Beyond the allure of AI, Itamar doesn’t shy away from addressing its pitfalls and adversarial risks. He also probes into the future of the developer’s role in an increasingly AI-driven landscape, answering the question: “Will there be developers in 10 years?”

Episode Highlights:

  • (2:40) Founding CodiumAI
  • (8:25) Will there be developers in 10 years?
  • (11:20) What kinds of AI tools are popping up?
  • (15:00) Core capabilities of AI
  • (19:30) Finding AI tools to solve pains you don’t know you have
  • (23:00) Enabling your team to use AI
  • (26:45) Falling behind the competition
  • (33:00) Pitfalls of AI
  • (38:30) Adversarial risks of AI
  • (43:45) Experimenting with new tools
  • (47:40) Measuring the success of AI tools
  • (50:15) Will AI replace or empower us?

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