🚀 7 open-source projects you should contribute to in 2023 ⭐️⭐️

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I love seeing so much innovation in open-source.
There are a few raising libraries I thought I should share.

1. Snapify

Snapify allows you to record and share recordings asynchronously

  • Make unlimited recordings of your tab, desktop, and any application
  • Share recordings with anyone using a public link
  • Delete or un-list recordings after a specific timeframe
  • Upload and share existing videos to Snapify.

Here is what the maintainer has to say:


Check the repository here:

2. KeyPass

The easiest way to manage you password locally.

  • Complete offline : no internet connection needed.
  • Encrypted Backup and Restore
  • Authenticate with device credentials (pin, pattern, biometrics)
  • Auto Backup

Here is what the maintainer has to say:

Check the repository here:

3. Bob

SQL query builder and ORM/Factory generator for Go with support for PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQLite.

  • Query Builder
  • SQL Executor for convenient scanning of results
  • Models for convenient database queries
  • Code generation of Models and Factories from your database schema

Here is what the maintainer has to say:

Check the repository here:

4. SwitchFeat

Open source feature flags and A/B testing service

SwitchFeat is an open-source, self-hosted platform that makes it very easy to manage your feature flags and run A/B tests straight from your infrastructure. No external servers involved, no latency in sending flags data over the internet. Your data stays within your network.

Here is what the maintainer has to say:


Check the repository here:

5. Dyrector.io

dyrector.io is a self-hosted container management platform.

dyrector.io helps engineer & DevOps teams and individual developers to shift their focus from maintaining and setting up their containerized applications to developing their software. The platform achieves this by offering continuous delivery and version management capabilities to your OCI containers.

Here is what the maintainer has to say:


Check the repository here:

6. Hackertab.dev

Hackertab makes it easy for you to stay up-to-date with the latest developer news, tools, jobs and events.

  • 🆕 Hourly updated content
  • 💻 Customizable by language or topic
  • 👍 Curated content from the best sources
  • 🔖 Bookmark and read it later
  • 🌙 Dark mode for when it gets late Even more features are going to come in the future!

Here is what the maintainer has to say:


Check the repository here:

7. Openstatus

The Open-source Status Page and Alerting System.

OpenStatus is an open source alternative to your current monitoring service with a beautiful status page.

Here is what the maintainer has to say:


Check the repository here:

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